As you read through this page, I know you will be waiting for me to ask you to buy something. So let me be very clear:
At NO POINT will you be asked to enter your credit card information.
So read this message carefully, and know that you won't have to pay for anything.
If you're looking for a new fitness program or challenge, this is not it.

This is a program that can change your life ... starting from the inside. 

Are there physical changes? Yes! But trust me when I say the physical changes you see on the outside are a FRACTION of the results you can earn by completing 75 HARD.

As you read & learn about the program below, keep that in mind.
How To Take Complete Control of Your Life in Only 75 Days
There's nothing worse than rolling through life in the passenger's seat.  You get up, you go to work for 8 hours, you come home, you go to bed, then you move onto the next day. 

Weekdays all feel the same, and you find yourself looking forward to the weekend, where you can relax and break the monotony of your life ... but weekends all feel the same too.

You see people around you moving ahead ... and you start to wonder what they have that you don't.

You start doubting yourself ...

Your thoughts beat you up every minute of the day to the point where you feel like you'll always be stuck right where you are in this funk forever.

The mental struggle turns into a physical struggle. You're not exercising like you used to, because you don't see the point.

You try program after program to get your body and your mind back into a place where you actually feel great again ...

But those programs turn out to be temporary band-aids ... and before you know it, you're right back at square 1.

Each failed attempt drains a little more hope from your tank, to the point where you're running on E.
I know exactly how you feel ... because I've been there myself.
I spent years feeling like I was nothing ...

Floating through the days with no game plan, and no results ...

Letting myself go mentally, and physically ...

Trying program after program to get back on track ... only to fall off right after I completed it.

I knew I wasn't the only one going through this ...

I knew there are people just like me going through the same struggles.

I realized that the root cause of all of my problems was not addressed by any existing program.
Because the REAL PROBLEM I had was a lack of mental toughness & discipline.
That's when I decided to take matters into my own hands...

If you don't know who I am, my name is Andy Frisella. I'm an entrepreneur, and I've built multiple companies from 0 to 9 figures.

Don't get it confused ... I am not special — I am just like you.

I spent the last 20 years figuring out how to master mental toughness & develop the skills needed to take complete control of your life & be successful in anything you do.

I know what it takes...

It takes confidence.

It takes grit.

It takes belief in yourself.

It takes fortitude.

It takes endurance.

It takes perseverance.

It takes a willingness to win.

These are NOT traits you are born with ...

These are skills you can develop ... IF you choose to commit to making changes & following through on what you say.

I've taken everything I've learned about mental toughness, and made it into a program I call 75 HARD.
My ACTUAL results from Day 1 to Day 75.
The mental changes are 100x greater than the physical changes.
What is 75 Hard?
75 HARD is the only program that can permanently change your life ... starting from the inside.

This is about mental toughness.

75 HARD will show you how to 100x the following traits in your life ...
You are in complete control ... and if you choose to follow this program PERFECTLY & without compromise ... you will change your life forever.

• Make huge strides in your career & have a job that you are proud of

• Feel completely confident about yourself and your actions

• Learn how to manage your day, so you can get more done, and quit wasting time on meaningless things

• Develop amazing relationships with the people who matter in your life

• Gain independence and the ability take complete ownership of projects & tasks

• Completely overhaul the way you think & act

• Learn how to be honest with yourself and gain the self-awareness to stay on track

• Be in the best physical shape of your life as a result of the mental transformation you have made
Absolutely 0 payment necessary.
40,000+ people from all over the world COMPLETEd 75 HARD
Endless stories roll in every single day from people who completely changed their life.

They've become better leaders at work ...

They've become better mothers & fathers ...

They've increased their income ...

They're more confident in themselves ...

They've made massive physical transformations as a result of the mental transformation ...

They've taken complete control of their lives...

... and the changes they've made are permanent.
real people ARE changing their entire outlook on life through 75 hard
"What a difference a year makes! ⁣. This time last year I was the most depressed and most overwhelmed I’ve ever been ... For me #75hard was the eventual blue print for how I kept showing up. But that was almost a month AFTER I joined a gym and started making daily choices.⁣"
"What did I learn in these last 75 days? Well besides developing better habits, I learned I am in control. My entire life I’ve let my emotions dictate my actions. It was a learned behavior since birth, & life made sure I didn’t lack hardships that kept me running to the comfort foods. I’ve endured 3 periods (currently still on one, so bloated AF in those pics) & several bad “Dead Mom days” without relying on food to help me feel better. I survived. I don’t NEED my vices like I thought. Something I needed to prove to myself for sure! Also, my excuses are BS. LITERALLY any excuse you come up with is bs. There’s time. There’s a way. You just have to freaking do it!"
Absolutely 0 payment necessary.
I want you to think about what these changes would be worth to you in dollars.
If I could honestly deliver that through 75 HARD ... think about how your entire life would change ... physically, mentally, and financially.
Every day ... countless "experts" convince people to spend their hard-earned money on programs that only offer a temporary fix.

That's not how I roll ...

75 HARD will teach you how to completely transform your life through consistent action over the course of 75 days.

If you commit today, I'll share my 75 HARD program with you for the low price of $0 ...
THAT's RIGHT ... It won't even cost you a penny for this program.
"But Andy ... why would you give away this program for free if it's so valuable?"

I'll tell you why ...

Because I know first-hand how much 75 HARD will change your life.

Because I know that by completing 75 HARD, you will be happier, healthier, and accomplish things you never thought were possible before.

...and because I don't want money to stand in your way from doing this program.

Now, even though it won't cost you any money ... it ain't free.

It will cost you time ... and it will be the hardest thing you'll ever do!
DOn't wait any longer ...
Absolutely 0 payment necessary.
I know what you're thinking ...

"I'll start next week after (insert event or other BS excuse here)"

That thought alone is 100% proof that you need to start 75 HARD immediately.

I can promise you this ... what you will gain in 75 days will FAR OUTWEIGH any reason for waiting to start.

75 HARD is not a "Challenge"

It's a program.

A tool.

It's a tool that can drastically change you forever and you can come back to if you ever find yourself off course again in life.

But you have to follow the program with ZERO compromises.  Everything in 75 HARD has a purpose that you will understand once you complete the program.

I see people trying to change or modify the program ...


At first glance, to some the program might look simple. Don't be fooled ... it's not.

To others it might look too advanced ... it's not.

I specifically designed 75 HARD so that no matter where you are at physically, you can do the tasks. Whether you haven't exercised in a decade, or you hit the gym 7 days a week, you can do this.

You can do this no matter what your starting point is.

This is not a physical challenge. It is a mental challenge, designed to develop all of the characteristics you lack in life that have landed you where you are at.

The physical transformations that occur are just the by-product of the mental transformations you will make.

You need to commit.

You need to make changes & follow through.

Stop talking about the stuff you want ... start taking the steps to make REAL changes.
I'm IN!  How Do I Start?
It's simple ... just enter your info below, and I'll get you the information you need to get started...
Absolutely 0 payment necessary.
Your privacy is important. I will never share your information with anyone. I can't stand it when other people do that either.
I'm not in yet ... I'm still not sure because:
I'll start when I am ready.
That my friend is your entire problem in life. You wait. You wait for the perfect time. You wait for the stars to align with Mercury in retrograde ... or something else crazy like that. The point is you wait ... and you don't do. Allow me to let you in on a little secret: There's never a perfect time. The stars never align. You'll never be ready. That's the point of 75 HARD ... to develop the toughness so that no matter what happens in your life, you have the mental fortitude to deal with it. So start ... execute.
What happens if I fail?
It's simple, you start over on Day 1. I've had some say this rule can make people feel like a failure if they have to start over multiple times. Well ... here's the truth:

If you modify the program just to say you completed it, did you really succeed? No. That's the problem with your whole life ... you constantly modify your plans & goals so you can say you completed them. By doing that, you never achieve what you're actually capable of, and you'll end up feeling worse about yourself, because you know deep down you cheated.

You don't accomplish anything great by changing the rules in your favor just to check the box.
It seems like this would be difficult to sustain.
EXACTLY! That's the point. You don't achieve what I'm talking about by doing the program for for just a few days or a few weeks. I made this program 75 days, because that is how long it will take for you to develop these skills ... skills that will stick with you long after you've completed the program.

This isn't another temporary band-aid program that you're used to ... I'm talking about making PERMANENT & POSITIVE changes in the way you live your life.
I'm on the XYZ Diet Training Program, so I can't do 75 Hard.
You my friend ... are wrong. You absolutely can do 75 Hard. I developed 75 Hard to run in line with your current fitness program ... no matter what it is. I developed it to run in-line with your current diet program ... no matter what it is.

There's 2 workouts a day and I don't specify to you what to do there. So plug in the workout from your other program for one of the workouts. Then do another workout that day. Don't forget ... one of the 2 has to be outside. You have to follow a meal plan and again, I don't specify to you what to do there. So plug in a meal plan from any program for that. Just don't forget ... no cheat meals and no alcohol.

See how easy that was to do with zero compromise and zero substitutions.
Can I do {insert your random task} instead of one of the 75 Hard tasks?
NO ... Because that's the entire problem. You are trying to compromise and adapt things to suit your needs before you ever even start. When you make a small compromise to yourself, it engrains that decision pattern in your life. You subconsciously tell yourself that is OK and without knowing create a pattern of compromise across every single area of your life. That compromise nerfs off the sharp edges of what could be an exceptional life.

You can do this ... so don't start off on the wrong foot by compromising.
I haven't exercised in years ... and I'm too out of shape right now to do 2 workouts every day.
You are not too out of shape to do this. I developed 75 Hard specifically to work for everyone regardless of physical fitness activity. You have to do 2 workouts a day ... and I don't specify what they need to be so that you can do whatever you need to do based on your fitness level.  It could literally be as simple as going for two 45-minute walks.

Where you are too "out of shape" is actually mentally. And you and I are going to work on that together over the next 75 Days.
I can't do the outdoor workouts because I can't leave my kids at home.
Doing an outdoor workout does not mean you have to run miles away from home. Go to your backyard or driveway, and MOVE. Do jumping jacks, push-ups and sit-ups, jump rope ... anything.

Or ... have your kids exercise with you. It's a great opportunity for you to teach them positive habits while they're young, which will help set them up for success as they grow up!!
This seems pretty easy to me.
Right on ... you must be at an advanced fitness level. That's great and you'll love 75 Hard. It will push you far more than you think. Accept the challenge ... and circle back and tell me how easy it is in 75 days when you're done.
As you are starting to see ... every possible thing you could say to object to starting the program right now is really just an excuse you are making to get out of doing the work.
Here are more stories from people whose lives have changed by completing 75 HARD.  If you want to see even more ... go search #75HARD on Instagram. There's over 100,000 posts with that hashtag.
"In the last 75 days of 2019, I:
📚read 5 books .
🙌🏼lost 13 lbs .
💪🏽Beat my own personal record with squats, leg press, and hiking times.
🤸🏽‍♀️Held a handstand for 1 second.

⚠️The physical results were just the cherry on top to the blind spots and inner challenges I faced throughout #75Hard. There are many elements and benefits to this challenge so I summarized my learning into 3 main takeaways: .

❗1. My thoughts are nothing and everything. I am the thoughts I feed and believe. To quote the last book I read by T. Harv Eker "Thoughts lead to feelings. Feelings lead to actions. Actions lead to results." The reason I am where I'm at and the reason I'm not where I want to be starts with my thoughts. The Universe is always listening. If I continue to live into the limiting beliefs like - "I can't. I've started too late." or the excuses like "it's not the right time. It's not for me." or the bullshit mindset of "it's too much. It's just not possible" - I become my excuses, my limitations, my bullshit. When I am aware of my thoughts, when I think BIG and focus on goals, positivity, and gratitude; the Universe has my back. (Read the rest below)

❗2. Now that I realize I control my thoughts and the true power they DON'T have over me, I learned through whining, tears and almost quitting to shut the fuck up and do it anyway. Fuck your feelings! It's because I've listened to disempowering thoughts that led to feelings of worthlessness, inadequacy, laziness. (to name a few) I told myself I would finish this challenge but that doesn't mean I was a happy camper all 75 Days. Some days I dragged my feet but I still took action. Action cures fear. Action destroys fear. Action builds confidence. Action brings results. (The Magic of Thinking Big) It's simple not easy. If it were easy it wouldn't be worthwhile! I can't tell you how many times I wanted to avoid the outdoor workout or skip the reading and how badass I felt after doing one simple task. You can't pay for it or fake it; the only way to feel accomplished is by doing the work. Do it when you're pumped. Do it when you're ready. Do it when you're tired. Do it when you're scared. Do it when you're sick. Do it when you don't think you can. Do it when you don't want to. Do it anyways! ❗ 

3. One day at a time. One moment at a time. One step at a time. When I thought of doing the entire challenge for 75 Days I wanted to quit before it started. I had the same issue with setting specific goals. After reading + practicing several self help books I UNDERSTAND how crucial it is to create measurable goals so I can track my progress and most importantly to increase the likelihood of actually achieving those goals. It can be overwhelming so the most important lesson I've learned is to show up every day. One moment at a time and when it feels impossible I break it down to one step at a time. ♥️ 🙌🏼Thankful for my support system who have shown nothing but love and care. 

Thank you @andyfrisella for creating #75hard. Thank you for helping me get one step closer to my goals and 75 days closer towards my purpose in life."
"So on Friday the 13th I finally competed the first part of the “Live Hard” programme.
I say finally because it was not a straight path. I’m going to share this now for those of you that think I’m “a machine”, and super motivated and this and that.
I finally completed this programme on my SEVENTH, yes SEVENTH attempt! I started on April 20th and I finally after a cumulative 117 (!!!!) days on the programme, I got it done!
So if you think I just did it, or are that you can’t do it, I hope my many attempts shows you just you are the type of person who can!
Before I get into the juice of this post, I wanna say a couple of things. Firstly, about my body, I am super super happy with the progress but I did want to be further along, and this is nowhere near my short term body goals! 
Secondly, this is not a physical or fitness programme, it is a mental toughness programme! If you think that these physical changes are impressive, I can’t even begin to describe the mental changes that have taken place. 
So moving into the programme, the lessons we’re far reaching and wide. 6 of my 7 failed attempts were due to missing the photograph, one was due to the reading. IE the basics!
Ie I lacked discipline! I lacked systems! I lacked attention to detail! I lacked consistency!
But not anymore! :-)
The lessons I learned on Day 5 alone paid the dues for the entire programme 10 times over. I had a fairly major vertigo episode and was bed bound. In my Norma life I would take days and days off training.

With the support my of my 75hard comrades, I rested all day, then did 45 minutes of leg raises and curls in a chair with dumbbells! Later on when I could move a bit I got in a 45 minute walk outdoors!

It really is all in the mind!

Going through this in the middle of a major change in my life (separation), I can honestly say this programme pulled me through a nervous breakdown and totally saved me life.

Not only that, it brought out the real peak performer inside me, and everyone around me has noticed.

It has carried over to my work, my fitness, my family life, just everywhere!

Can you really afford not to invest 75 days in yourself to totally change your life?

This feels like the most amazing gift I have ever given myself, as per my recent video, I feel completely reborn..."
"This was a mental challenge. It was not a physical challenge or weight loss challenge. Accomplishing the list (with mindfulness as a bonus) each day was the goal.

I did discover some findings for my body and how it responds to types of cardio, foods, and sleep. 

A few important things happened:

I lost some things, but also gained some things. 

1. I lost people in my life. I don’t know the reason, but I realized about halfway through this challenge that it had nothing to do with me. And that is all I was concerned with, MY CHANGE. I learned that as you start becoming more positive, unfortunately the negative comes out in those you never thought would treat you or your family a certain way. Improving myself, getting on track, reuniting with God, and being my best for my family we’re my sole focus. So as those few people disappeared, I started to see how they weren’t for me and my life anyhow. 

2. I lost weight. Thirteen pounds that represented lack of discipline and lots of excuses. 

3. I lost the energy to please others (still working on this!) and gained the energy to pour into those who truly matter. .


4. I gained knowledge. Both in my field and for mental, spiritual, and emotional improvement and wellness. And inspiration!

5. I gained friends and colleagues who have the minds and bodies that are true examples of health and wellness. 

6. I gained better sleep patterns which I needed. 

7. I gained a new and special relationship with my kids. I earned their respect by sticking to my word and staying true to myself as a woman and their mom, in which THEY would not let me fail! They are my biggest supporters!!! ❤️

If you want your world to change I highly recommend this program. Only YOU can do it, but I’m here to support!"
"#75hard. The tactical guide for winning the war with yourself. 
What I learned ⬇️ I Am Different. There is no doubt I am an all around better person than I was before this program. 

Someday is not a day of the week. Our mind is trained to feed us bullshit excuses for EVERYTHING, and avoiding those excuses is one of the hardest habits to break. If you continue living a life full of excuses, you will live an endless cycle of self doubt, shame, fear, and regret...when the truth is you’re fucking capable of anything.

Everyone has self doubt, insecurities, the fear of’s the one who embraces it and consistently puts in the work long enough to prove yourself you’re worthy of having that self belief. Realize though the work HAS to come before the belief will. 

You’re not supposed to be good starting ANYTHING! The only way to get better and build the confidence, belief, resilient mentality is to show up and do the work every single day. Discipline+accountability will lead to happiness and success. The day you stop working on yourself is the day you die. 
The mental transformation you don’t see above far outweighs the physical transformation that came with it. 

I needed a change and this was it for me. I will never judge myself based on my past, nor my future, but only the present and what I am currently doing to reach my fullest potential. Don’t do it for anyone but yourself, or you are just wasting your time. You can’t go around trying to share love and happiness with everyone without finding it within yourself first!! If you want to develop discipline, accountability, persistence, grit, self esteem, confidence, the ability to create your own happiness, realize what your max potential truly is, and work on your overall character...go listen to my man @andyfrisella #75hard ... and you’ll thank him later for changing your life. 

Thank you Mr. frisella for putting together the ultimate mental toughness program. My mind, body, spirit, and business have changed so much for the better since starting and completing #75Hard I don’t even know where to begin. I can’t wait to see what 2020 and the entire future has in store ✊"
Absolutely 0 payment necessary.
You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting 75 Hard or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs. Do not start 75 Hard if your physician or health care provider advises against it.
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